5. Resilience training for companies

Last year 15.4 million working days were lost in the UK due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety. The Labour Force Survey (LSF) also revealed significantly higher numbers of women being affected then men; and that the primary causes for both sexes was too much work, or too much pressure, or responsibility.

It’s an economic reality, particularly in the uncertain trading times of Brexit, that employers are not in a position to hire more people. The question then becomes, how can we support employees to better cope with the demands being placed upon them?

It isn’t a case of whether businesses can afford to hire resilience consultants like myself, but whether than can afford not to.

Here the statistics help us again – namely that someone who is resilient is more than twice as likely to adjust to change and manage workloads than someone who isn’t.

So why wouldn’t you not want to be more than two times more able than your competitors?

I an so sure that I can help you and your business that I offer the first hour of our initial workshop for free.

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Try My Workplace MOT

  • I will invite you to "take stock" of ourselves - reflecting perhaps on work or family life gets in the way of that.
  • I will encourage you to just press PAUSE for a moment.
  • Allow yourself to firstly note your incredible achievement in getting as far as you have (too often suppressed by our inner critic).
  • Look at what you wanted for yourself on this journey.
  • Ponder to what degree you have not allowed yourself to mourn disappointments and the loss of hopes-for advancements then just stayed in an angry unhelpful place.
  • Think about what it might be like to recalibrate and go with these ambitions again?
  • We know we have the capacity to change ourselves, and the acceptance that in some instances that others will not change, so why not concentrate just on the former?
  • Release your true self and decide you are going to go all out to have those needs, wants, and desires met.

My Workshops

My workshops last approximately two and a half hours, and because I come to you, no-one is going to lose a full day. I typically work with an overall group of 15 clients, and start with my resiliency quiz, after which I invite the group to split up into triads and discuss their own resilience, before nominating one of their number to address the main group.

The energy levels pick up significantly at this point as work colleagues inspire each other and really connect. Everyone then has a ten minute coffee and bathroom break before I address, via a series of power points, the science behind resilience, including addressing what resilience is, and what it isn't.

At this stage I pass on tips of how you can make yourself more resilient. And if there is time I will show an inspiring video clip about how Vietnam prisoners showed extraordinary levels of resilience to survive being kept in solitary confinement for six years. For a more detailed breakdown on how I work , and the pricing, please email me at office@eastlondontherapy.net

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My resilience training enables participants to:

  • Measure how resilient they already our - our genes and earlier life experiences dictate this.
  • Better utilise the resources around them e.g. colleagues - look at what in us blocks/resists this?
  • Allow their thinking to shape their reality - training their brain to be more positive dictates a more positive outcome.
  • Own the self annihilator and catastrophist - many of us got to where we are by being incredibly hard on ourselves, but good self regulation is also being open to other approaches as well.
  • Develop greater resilience - this is an attainable goal when you follow these steps.

Work Therapy Benefits

Because we become more available through therapy it has professional benefits too. This comes from our carrying less, so that we can perform more. The change I can assure you is exciting and fulfilling.

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