People who come to therapy often make the mistake of thinking it is about creating a “New You.” I disagree. Therapy for me is about you becoming the person you were meant to be before unhelpful interruptions got in the way. These interruptions, which are more colloquially referred to as “blocks” might be swallowed beliefs from childhood which fail to support us in adulthood. A classic example of this would be showing that we are hurt is a weakness. It is in fact the opposite, as only by acknowledging that there is something wrong can we hope to heal. Another example might be taking on board other people’s stuff, under the delusion that we are helping them, or that it is out job. In fact, when we do this, we disenable them from helping themselves (with all the self-empowerment that brings) and often end up doing so at the cost of our own welfare.

A good goal here is establishing boundaries between ourselves and others so there is clarity over what is and what is not acceptable. We must also go back to helping ourselves more, because only when we do that, and put ourselves on a firm supportive footing, are we truly able to help others. Doing otherwise just ends in both drowning, or falling.

Above all let’s try and develop a goal of self-kindness. The inner critic may have been useful once but now it just lives to criticise, serving no other purpose than to kick us when we are down. Self-kindness on the other hand, when properly adopted, creates a situation whereby no challenge is beyond us. For more information please call 07492-404599, or email

How Gestalt Psychotherapy or CBT Can Help You?

The literal translation of Gestalt in German is whole, and in many senses, therapy offers the potential for you to feel whole and live your life accordingly.

1-on-1 Counselling

Weekly 50 minute sessions in person or online.

Individual Coaching

Career therapy and counselling to aid your professional life.

Couple Therapy

Weekly Couple Counselling in a Safe Non-Judgemental Space.

How Long Will I Need Therapy For?

We usually agree six sessions and review how things are going at that stage. How long therapy continues for is very much a matter for you.

Your mental health is of paramount importance at all times, which is why the sessions are geared completely around you. Our goal is solely about helping you.

  • No individual is the same, so no therapeutic approach should be identical. This is very much about tailoring the therapy to you.
  • My approach is warm and empathic and initially exploring not only how you can be helped, but how you also begin the process of allowing yourself to be helped.
  • We aim to develop your awareness about yourself and your relationships, then mobilise for positive change. Many excel when it comes to numbing themselves which, as we say in Gestalt, might have been useful once, but if (often) unlikely to be helpful now.
  • Loss I believe is what is behind how we numb ourselves with alcohol, drugs, or gambling and because it is hidden, we end up not dealing with it. Therapy brings empathic light to our darkness here.

Work Therapy Benefits

Because we become more available through therapy it has professional benefits too. This comes from our carrying less, so that we can perform more. The change I can assure you is exciting and fulfilling.

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