We all get anxious, but for some it’s too difficult to acknowledge, perhaps because they perceive it as weakness, or simply fear being swallowed up by it. The result is that it gets internalised and we end up carrying it around with us building up to the point where you have sudden unexplained outbursts, or conversely go into a state of withdrawal in which you feel cut off, isolated, and increasingly unsupported. Take a deep breath! You are not alone and with good therapy you will not only cope better during life’s ups and downs, but become stronger too.

How Can Gestalt Psychotherapy or CBT Help You?

In Gestalt and also CBT we talk about what maintains an issue? With anxiety it is often avoiding it because it is too uncomfortable. With an experienced therapist you have the opportunity to be in charge of your anxious thoughts, rather than their being in charge of you.

1-on-1 Counselling

Weekly 50 minute sessions in person or online.

Individual Coaching

Career therapy and counselling to aid your professional life.

Couple Therapy

Weekly Couple Counselling in a Safe Non-Judgemental Space.

How Long Will I Need Therapy For?

We usually agree six sessions and review how things are going at that stage. How long therapy continues for is very much a matter for you.

Your mental health is of paramount importance at all times, which is why the sessions are geared completely around you. Our goal is solely about helping you.

  • No individual is the same, so no therapeutic approach should be identical. This is very much about tailoring the therapy to you.
  • My approach is warm and empathic and initially exploring not only how you can be helped, but how you also begin the process of allowing yourself to be helped.
  • We aim to develop your awareness about yourself and your relationships, then mobilise for positive change. Many excel when it comes to numbing themselves which, as we say in Gestalt, might have been useful once, but if (often) unlikely to be helpful now.
  • Loss I believe is what is behind how we numb ourselves with alcohol, drugs, or gambling and because it is hidden, we end up not dealing with it. Therapy brings empathic light to our darkness here.

Work Therapy Benefits

Because we become more available through therapy it has professional benefits too. This comes from our carrying less, so that we can perform more. The change I can assure you is exciting and fulfilling.

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